Sunday, February 5, 2017

辛普森卡通的預言 - 共濟會想扮演神

THE SIMPSONS "Predicitive Programming" (ILLUMINATI Like to Play God)

What they (Human Demonic Puppets -Satanic Cabal) dont have control of which is the Bible & God TERRIFIES them, So if they can have their own prophecies and predictions it will give them comfort through Technology hidden in the public's Eyes until their Future release date seen in their Past T.V Shows of "Predictive Programming" -Also they find extreme Humor and Pleasure by revealing their Evil Plans (TRUTH HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT) The Demonic Possessed Human Puppets Half if not most of them dont realize the Demonic within causing it all through Them. They truly believe their powerful humans above us all and feel like gods because of this hidden Demonic Force within.

Simpsons Creator Matt Groening Exposed as Freemason  
揭露辛普森的創作者Matt Groening是共濟會成員

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