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末世征兆: 脸上有“7”印记的牛 Two Calves Born with the Number Seven on Their Faces


February 21, 2015 10:14 pm By James Bailey

First cow was born on the final sabbath day
before the start of the Shemitah year.
Holy cow! Two cows were recently born with the number seven clearly displayed on their faces.

Of course many people would say it is a sign of good luck. Others would say, “So what!”

But for those who are paying attention, the Lord speaks in all sorts of ways. In this case there are many interesting points indicating God is saying something to us.

The first calf was born on Saturday, September 20, 2014. Saturday is the Hebrew Sabbath day, the seventh day of the week, which is designated as the day of rest. So there is a connection between the birth of the calf and the time of rest. Not only was he born on a Sabbath day, but it was the final Sabbath day of the year, based on the Hebrew calendar. The new year began on Rosh Hashana, which fell on September 25 2014.

Amazingly, a second calf was born with the number seven plastered to his face five days after the first calf, which means he was born on precisely the first day of the new Hebrew year. So between the two of them they have marked the Sabbath day, the final Sabbath day of the year, and the first day of the new year. But wait, there is more to this story! Second cow was born exactly on the first day of the Hebrew shemitah year.

Second cow was born exactly on the
first day of the Hebrew Shemitah year.
The Jewish Rabbis mark their years in seven year increments, which is in keeping with God’s increments of seven days of the week and seven year periods revealed in scriptures. For example, the angel Gabriel revealed the future end-time events to the prophet Daniel in seven-year increments.

It just so happens that the birth of the first calf marks the end of the sixth year in the seven-year cycle, while the birth of the second cow marks the start of the seventh year. Like the seventh day of the week, the seventh year is designated as a year of rest. In Hebrew it is called the year of the “shemitah,” which means to fall to the ground. During this year the Hebrew people were commanded to let all financial debts fall to the ground. Debts were to be forgiven and everyone would begin the next seven-year period with a clean slate. Together the two cows send a message that the seventh day, the day of rest, and the seventh year, the year of rest, have arrived.

So what difference does any of that make? It makes a lot of difference because it appears to be a warning of what is going to happen during this year. Author Jonathan Cahn recently wrote a book about this year, called the “Mystery of the Shemitah,” which is specifically about this current year. Because of the shemitah year he believes we will see a major financial shaking which will cause our financial system to fall to the ground. This shaking is due to the fact that God’s seven-year shemitah’s have been ignored. As a result, a major financial shaking is necessary to restore God’s order to our financial system. The birth of the two cows appears to be a prophetic warning that the year of the Sabbath rest has begun.

These warnings are consistent with what the Lord has shown me regarding an economic collapse in 2015. I shared that in my previous post: Warning: Sudden Economic Collapse Coming in 2015.

The first calf was born in the Pittsburgh area, which is populated by fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and since the Steelers quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, wears the number seven on his Jersey, the farmers decided to name the calf “Baby Ben.” Amazingly, Ben Roethlisberger is Jewish and so is his name. So the calf was given a Hebrew name. Sorry, but I did not catch the name of the second calf. Maybe he is Joseph?



内容摘要:去年九月分,有两头牛出生,他们生来头上就有“7”的印记 (记得埃及法老做的梦吗?神常用牛做比喻)这还不算, 第一头牛出生的日期是犹太5774年的最后一个安息日(sat, Sept 20, 2014); 犹太5775的新年是Sept 25, 2014; 第二头牛出生日期是犹太5775年的第一个安息日,两头牛的头上都有一个大大的“胎记--7” 哇,末世征兆也!。很明显,旧的7年结束了,新的7年开始了,你预备好了吗?


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